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Hypnotising stage presentation for Azerbaijan

16 May 2015 at 17:52 CEST
Elnur Huseynov - Hour Of The Wolf (Azerbaijan 2015)
Elnur Huseynov has already once represented Azerbaijan in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest as part of the duo Elnur&Samir. This year, the solo singer brought his mystic ballad Hour Of The Wolf to Vienna. 

The Azerbaijani delegation tries to keep Elnur’s entry modest and minimalistic, concentrating on singer’s strong voice. The mystic and hypnotising atmosphere prevails during his stage entry. It is obvious - the Hour Of The Wolf has come as the protagonists of Elnur’s song are in their natural surroundings of arid forest, full moon and wild nature.

In the second rehearsal, some technical changes have been made - the performance was shown in the new angles. The Azerbaijani delegation decided to keep the stage more simple and took the white dove on the background away.

There are also some changes in the appearance of Elnur’s male dancer Lukas – he got his hair dyed blond. With their movements, the professionals underline one of the main messages of the song:

It's a contemporary-style dance inspired by wild nature but actually it's all about us humans. It's about being excluded and different, being an outsider and hopeless. We all had that experience in life, didn't we?  But the message of the song - do not give up, your heart deserve a fight! Stand up and fight for tolerance, acceptance and unity in this world.




Gallery: Elnur Huseynov during his second rehearsal

Press Conference

In the beginning, Elnur Huseynov commented on the postcard that will introduce the entry of Azerbaijan in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest: "I am used to the opera ballet. It was really difficult and tricky with the fire, but it wasn’t dangerous".

Elnur sang the enty Aşk that Elnur performed in The Voice Of Turkey.

Gallery: Elnur Huseynov during his press conference

Elnur was asked about his t-shirt the singer wore during the last round of today’s rehearsal – is it the message for Conchita or also for the Azerbaijani people? “Last year, when I watched the Eurovision Song Contest with friends, I was so surprised by Conchita that I took my telephone and voted for her.” Conchita’s message “I Am Unstoppable” is similar to my message” – being an outsider, excluded and different but not giving up. Elnur Huseynov gave this t-shirt as a present to the journalist who asked the question.