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Huset-KBH to host Euro Fan Café

Huset-KBH is one of the most unique and historic venues in Copenhagen. For this reason, Huset-KBH is an obvious venue for the Euro Fan Café 2014.

 Johann Sørensen, President of OGAE Denmark looks forward to welcoming fans from all over the world to the Euro Fan Café:

"This year, it will not just be a café, but an entire building full of unique events and activities. With its many diverse stages, Huset-KBH allows the Euro Fan Café 2014 to host a wide variety of activities dedicated 100% to the Eurovision Song Contest. For example, we will host talk shows, a Eurovision cinema, karaoke nights, live concerts with past and present Eurovision acts and many club nights with well-renowned Eurovision DJs. The Euro Fan Café 2014 will truly be a melting pot of different Eurovision-themed events".

The former B&W Shipyard Halls, which are hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in May have a unique history. Similarly, Denmark’s largest and oldest cultural centre has been an important centre for Copenhagen’s cultural life for more than 40 years.

Hosted by Huset-KBH, the Euro Fan Café will be located only 200 meters from the Eurovision Fan Mile, which will run through the main shopping street, Strøget, all the way from the Copenhagen City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv, from where the audience can take a shuttle boat to Eurovision Island from the iconic Nyhavn. 

"We have some brilliant plans in store"

OGAE Denmark is working closely with Huset-KBH to ensure that the events taking place at the Euro Fan Café 2014 will be interesting for both die-hard fans and the general public. Rick Jacobs, an experienced theatre and television producer, has been hired as Project Manager. He was in charge of programming last year’s successful Euro Fan Café in Malmö and will be responsible for programming this year’s Euro Fan Café as well. Although an American by birth, the Eurovision Song Contest holds a special place in his heart:

"I am honoured and more than a little thrilled to be able to programme and produce events at Euro Fan Café for the second year running. I know we will be able to build on the massive success of last year's Euro Fan Café in Malmö. Copenhagen is a warm and open city and with Huset-KBH in the heart of town, it will be the best place for fans and their friends to enjoy two weeks' worth of events".

Rick Jacobs has 20 years of experience with theatre productions and television programmes in the UK and across Europe. He already has many exciting ideas for the programme for the Euro Fan Café in Copenhagen:

"My dream for Copenhagen is that Euro Fan Café expands its ambitions - along with concerts, talk shows, endless hours of Eurovision music and a great party atmosphere, we have some really brilliant plans in store that will be new to this year's edition. Huset-KBH is an ideal partner, since they are very well known for presenting culture from all over Europe and beyond. Euro Fan Café is a perfect fit for this amazing venue".

The Euro Fan Café is an established part of the Eurovision Song Contest. Everyone is welcome to join the party at Huset-KBH. The Euro Fan Café 2014 will be open between the 28th April and 10th May 2014, the night of the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.