Hungary: Zoli invites you to dance!

Considering the theme of the song, and Zoli's background as a dancer, it is not surprising that the stage performance for Hungary has a lot of energy. It begins with Zoli and his three female backing dancers lying down, and waking up to the introduction of the music. There are two male backing vocalists joining them on stage. Zoli performs dance moves with all three of the girls individually, and interacts with them throughout the song as well as making some slick moves himself. The LED monitors have floating shapes in the verses, and expanding white lines and  the words Dance With Me written across them during the chorus.


During the press conference, Hungary's Head of Delegation said that the team were satisfied with the rehearsals overall. A question was asked about the fact that Zoli was the third selection to represent Hungary this year. Zoli responds "There were two other entries who stepped back, I was then chosen, and i'm here to do my best and represent my country."

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Zoli remarks about his Eurovision Song Contest participation. "This is the biggest challenge of my life, I worked in musical theatre for 15 years. I only actually started singing at age 24, and i'm 33 now. My first album was published last year. Participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, it's a huge chance to get some connections from abroad"  Whatever happens in Moscow, Zoli will within a week be playing a lead role in a musical. He went on to tell some of his background in musicals. He then sang a Hungarian language version of a song from the Joseph musical which was well recieved.

Zoli said that he has discipline within his lifestyle, works out a lot, tries to eat healthily, rests well and this all helps him with the preparation for the energetic stage routines. The creative team decided that the song was best suited lyrically in English, and it works better that way.Although he has a choreography background, Zoli did not actually choreograph Dance With Me. This was arranged by Timea Papp, one of the backing dancers, although Zoli did have some input with the content.

Finally, before the end of the press conference, Zoli was asked about his video clip. "This was the first video I made, we worked a lot to show the dance moves and what we can do. I hope that it can be shown outside of Hungary and presented elsewhere too."

Despite his young age, Zoli Adok’s career has been quite eventful so far: after finishing his dance studies in Pécs, he started his career in 2000 with Le Dance Contemporary Dance Music Company and moved on to travel around the world as a dancer and musical actor participating in musicals like Fame and Cats. Back home, he currently stars in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat as Levi. Right after the song contest, he will be playing the leading role in Contact, a musical by Susan Stroman starting in June. In 2008, Zoli’s debut album Tánclépés hit the shelves of the Hungarian music stores. Zoli Adok recently gave his debut as a movie actor as well: he is acting in the movie named which will be shown in Hungarian cinemas this spring and will also feature two of his songs on the soundtrack album.

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