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Hungary: Who will succeed Magdi Ruzsa?

Originally there were thirty songs submitted in Hungary for Eurovíziós Dalverseny 2008, and a professional jury narrowed these down to the fifteen which will participate tonight. 

The 100-minute show will be hosted by Éva Novodomszky, last year's Hungarian commentator at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, and Levente Harsányi, host of a popular TV music program in Hungary. 


Former Hungarian Eurovision song Contest participants will be present to perform and participate in the studio discussions and the viewers will also be treated to Eurovision archive material. The fifteen participants, a mix of established Hungarian artists and newcomers will perform in the following order of presentation: 

  1. EZ ONE - Lesz Ki Hazavár
  2. Lola - Legszebb Nap 
  3. Zsuzsa Imre - Érintés
  4. Zsuzsi Vágó & Árpád Zsolt Mészáros - Két Szív 
  5. Fiesta - Gyűlölve Szeretni
  6. Zsuzsa Antal & Fishers Company - Live Inside 
  7. Dure - Nem Ismerlek Már
  8. 21 gramm - Még Egy Dal 
  9. Csaba Gál Boogie - Úgy Figyeltele
  10. Candies - Van Aki Nyer
  11. Adrien Szekeres - Piszkos Tánc
  12. Mónika Hoffman - Légy Te Az Első 
  13. Orsi Szatmári - Véletlen
  14. Csézy - Szívverés
  15. Orsi Pflum - Távol

It is possible to watch the show through the  live stream, starting at 20:10 CET tonight. The winner of  Eurovíziós Dalverseny 2008 will compete in the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade on Thursday, 22nd of May.

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