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Hungary: "There will be a part where I sprint"

29 April 2014 at 15:02 CEST

András Kállay-Saunders started his energetic and vocally strong rehearsal seated on a chair, with a female piano player next to him. For the chorus, he then sprinted to the very end of the stage and back, fitting the song lyrics of Running.

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The complex topic of his song - domestic violence - is also the central theme of the stage act: After the first chorus, a male dancer appears, confronting the pianist. The couple then show a choreography that is in parts dancing, in parts resembling a fight.

The LED backdrop shows a big city at night during the verses, and fast-moving red lines during the chorus. When thunderstorm sounds appear in the arrangement of the song, flash effects are shown with means of the stage lighting.

If you want to know how the Hungarian entry will be introduced to the public on the Semi-Final night, be sure to also check out MTVA's video report about the filming of the postcard in Budapest:

Excited to go on stage

Backstage before his first rehearsal, András Kállay-Saunders couldn't wait to get on stage already: "I'm very excited, and I am a little tired as I only slept a few hours last night because I was just thinking about this moment", András told us when he arrived backstage at the B&W Hallerna. "I really wanna experience what it feels to stand on that stage."

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The basic idea of his performance in the Hungarian national selection will be kept also in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, András said. "The main difference is that I will be Running a lot more - there will be a part where I actually sprint!"

András' song Running touches a complicated topic: Domestic violence. A too complicated topic for the Eurovision Song Contest? "The beautiful thing about music is that there are no boundaries, no rules - you can express yourself. There is no rule that a song has to be about love, about happiness - there are other topics in the world. And I think this is an important topic because it happens all over the world. And I already have so many songs about love, so that I decided to sing about something else", András explained.

After his rehearsals, András stopped by at once again and he recorded something very special for you - check out our video right here: