Hungary shows sportsmanship

Zoli Ádok, the singer representing Hungary in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, is a true sportsman, which could be clearly seen in today's rehearsal. Not only did he present an exhausting dance act, he even performed a somersault! Today, the final costumes were also presented to the audience in the hall: In the beginning of the performance, Zoli and his three female dancers wore black and white costumes. Then, the dancers removed Zoli's costume before undressing themselves, with only skimpy dresses remaining on the girls and a skin-tight shirt on the singer, clearly showing his muscled upper body. In spite of a truly breathtaking act, Zoli didn't lose his wind, and he delivered a wholly convincing and flawless show. In the press conference, Zoli Ádok was asked about his plans after the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, and he replied that he would start preparing for playing Prince Herbert in the musical Spamalot. The Hungarian press conference saw an unexpected guest: The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, paid a short visit to greet the Hungarian delegation and to ask the journalists if everything so far had gone smoothly.

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