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Hungary: Modest but powerful performance

02 May 2014 at 21:40 CEST

Szilvia Püspök, the Head of the Hungarian Delegation told that András was pretty satisfied with his first rehearsal. In the second show, there were only some slight technical changes. András will wear modest clothes in black. With the help of music and choreography, the singer and his dancers try to tell an emotional story.

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Night city skyscrapers underline and suit András’ song topic very well: you can quickly get lost in the big city and nobody notices what’s going on behind the walls.

On stage, András is not only accompanied by his two dancers. Together with two backing vocalists, Rozina Czelovszky and Kyra Fedor, the singer delivers a very strong, vocally powerful performance.

"My idol is my father!"

In the beginning the press conference, András Kállay-Saunders introduced his team. He said, he is not tied and even sang his song Running whilst his song writer Krisztián Szakos played the guitar. 

"It is not the typical song, it is about domestic violence. But people appreciate that I sing such a topic. For some it might sound unusual but it feels great I can touch people with my music," András explained the meaning of his entry.

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The singer was asked to express his opinion about the Eurovision Song Contest: "It’s a great event with all kinds of music, where all countries got together, and where there is no violence."

"Who is your idol?" was the question of a fan. "My idol is my father. I always wanted to be like my father," András answered.

The Hungarian participant told that he got the reactions from people who went through violence: "People came up to me with tears in their eyes and said thank you!"

One journalist asked András what would he do if he win the Contest. The singer said, that he probably would party and celebrate his victory.

András brought his lucky charm he had during the national final in Budapest. It is a teddy bear. "We decided to bring it here."