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Hungary: Kick-off for national selection "A Dal"

After the great success of A Dal in 2012, MTV opted to use the same selection mode again for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, with slight adaptions.

While, in 2012, the artists had the right to choose the language of their songs themselves, they have to perform them completely in Hungarian language this time in the A Dal shows. The version in which the song will be performed in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest has to be clarified after the final of A Dal.

Before the national final, a series of semi-finals will be held, with the amount of shows depending on the number and quality of the entries received by MTV. The voting will again be a mix of televoting and the verdict of a professional jury, which will include an additional "surprise" member for each show.

Sound Of Our Hearts, sung by Compact Disco, was the Hungarian entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, reaching the Final in Baku. Csaba Walkó, the lead singer of the band, will be a member of the jury in A Dal in 2013.