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Hungary: First six semi-finalists chosen

02 February 2013 at 23:19 CET

Tonight, the first show of A Dal took place in Budapest, presented by Gábor Gundel-Takács, Éva Novodomszky, and Márton Buda. Ten entries were performed, with an expert jury commenting on the stage acts.

The panel consisted of Magdi Rúzsa (2007 Hungarian Eurovision representative), Philip Rákay (director of M1 and M2), Viktor Rakonczai (1997 Hungarian Eurovision representative as a member of the band V.I.P), Csaba Walkó (lead singer of Compact Disco, the 2012 Hungarian Eurovision representatives) and Jenő Csiszár (TV and radio host).

The following entries were performed tonight (in order of appearance, points attributed by the jury given in brackets, qualifiers in bold):

  • Fehér Zoltán - Nincs baj! Tűz van! (37 points)
  • Mrs Columbo - Játszd újra (38 points)
  • Baricz Gergő - Húz (43 points - televoting choice)
  • Bogi - Tükörkép (37 points)
  • Palcsó Tamás - Ezt látnod kell (35 points - televoting choice)
  • Background - Neonzöld (35 points)
  • Gyurcsik Tibor - Örök harc (41 points - televoting choice)
  • Keresztes Ildikó - Nem akarok többé játszani (47 points - jury choice)
  • Rácz Gergő - Csak állj mellém (45 points - jury choice)
  • Agárdi Szilvi & Pál Dénes - Szíveddel láss (48 points - jury choice)

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First, the expert jury picked three qualifiers: Ildikó Keresztes, Gergő Rácz, and Szilvi Agárdi & Pál Dénes. Then, the televoting lines were opened for the TV public to choose their favourites among the seven remaining acts - additional televoting qualifiers were Gergő Baricz, Tibor Gyurcsik, and Tamás Palcsó.

Tonight's six lucky winners will perform again in one of the two national semi-finals, to be held on February 23rd and 24th. The final show of A Dal 2013 will be aired on March 2nd.

The second quarter final will be held next Saturday, February 9th, again at 20:15 CET.