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Hungary: First national semi-final qualifiers chosen

23 January 2016 at 22:48 CET
Freddie MTVA
Tonight the first heat of A Dal 2016, the Hungarian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, has been broadcast live on Duna TV and on the website. Find out who qualified for the semi-finals!

The following acts have qualified in the first heat of A Dal:

  • Freddie
  • Benji
  • Mushu
  • Egy Másik Zenekar
  • Reni Tolvai
  • ByTheWay (televoting choice)

This was the complete line-up of tonight's show:

Benji – Kötéltánc
ByTheWay – Free To Fly
Egy Másik Zenekar – Kéne közös kép
Fatima Mohamed – Ott leszek
Freddie (Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári) – Pioneer
Jázmin Török – Power Of Love
Mushu – Uncle Tom
Odett – Stardust
Petra Veres-Kovács –Singing Peace
Reni Tolvai – Fire

Csilla Tatár and Levente Harsányi were the presenters of the show. A joint decision of the four-member expert jury, consisting of Zséda, Pierrot, Károly Frenreisz and Miklós Both, and the TV public chose the qualifiers. You can find more detailed information about the voting below.

During the interval of the show, Viktor Király, one of the past contenders at A Dal, performed.

Gallery: Hungary: Participants of the first heat of A Dal 2016

The Math behind the Voting

The voting procedure is as follows:

  • From each heat (quarter final) the jury votes will pick the best 5 acts. After the jury has voted, televoting qualifies 1 more act from the 5 that have not been chosen by the jury.
  • In each semi-final, out of 9 respective acts, 3 will first be selected by the jury. Then televoting chooses 1 more act from the 6 that have not been chosen by the jury.
  • In the final, out of the 8 acts, the jury will select 4 to go to the super-final, where televoting decides the winner.

Note that in every instance of jury voting, televoting will also make up 20% of the result - the TV viewers are counted like a "fifth juror".

The TV viewers can vote through the app, A Dal website or text messages.