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Hungary: Compact Disco release unique Remix Pack

04 April 2012 at 18:45 CEST

One of the inventive promotional measures conducted by the Hungarian band Compact Disco this year was to ask the DJ community in Hungary to make up their minds about the Eurovision entry Sound Of Our Hearts, and to create distinct remixes of the song. Now the results of this collaboration have been published.

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The seven remixes go by colourful names: Midnight Run Remix, Analog Cuvée Remix, Karmatronic Radio Remix, Lauer and Canard feat. Greg Note Remix, Monoscope Remix, Nobody Moves Remix, and a Stereo Palma Remix.

Encompassing various musical styles, ranging from dubstep to folk, the remixes are definitely worth a listen. You can check them out on

This week, the members of Compact Disco will also meet the Azerbaijani Eurovision representative, Sabina Babayeva, in Budapest.

If you want to learn more about Compact Disco, read the biographies of the team members, or read the full lyrics of Sound Of Our Hearts, check out their official participant profile here on!