Hungary: "A Dal" to select 2014 entry

Since A Dal has been introduced as the Hungarian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest two years ago, it has both proved to be an extraordinarily successful TV show, and an important new platform to introduce artists, bands and composers to a larger and international audience.

Thus, A Dal 2014 will be used again to select the Hungarian entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. A call for songs has been launched today, and entries can be submitted until December 1st.

The live shows - two national semi-finals and the final - will be broadcast at the beginning of next year, exact dates are yet to be announced.

Again, a combination of televoting and the verdict of an expert jury will be used to determine the results. A new element in this year’s rules is the language policy: lyrics may not only be in Hungarian but also in English and in any language of the official national and ethnic minorities living in Hungary.

You can find more information and view the full rules on the official website of A Dal.

The 2013 winner of A Dal, ByeAlex, came tenth in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with his song Kedvesem

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