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Hungary: A Dal 2014 to kick off on Saturday

23 January 2014 at 17:33 CET

A Dal has kick-started to become one of the most successful national selections in Europe, both in terms of viewing figures and of Eurovision Song Contest results - the winners of the show have, so far, each time sailed to the Grand Final. 

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Now that the start of the shows is getting closer, don't miss the opportunity to take a look at the contenders and to listen to their songs. MTVA have compiled the video clips of all entries in a Youtube playlist for you to watch.

The shows

Three quarter finals will take place, on January 25th, February 1st and February 8th. In each of them, six out of ten entries will qualify for the semi-final stage, with three being chosen by the jury and three by the televoters.

On February 15th and 16th, two semi-finals will be broadcast, and February 22nd will see the final of A Dal 2014.

All shows will be streamed live on the official A Dal 2014 website. For the final of A Dal, on February 22nd, we will offer a webcast for all viewers worldwide, right here on!

The line-up

The line-up of the selection shows has not been officially disclosed but the artists' own communication, as reflected on wikipedia, leads to the following version - we shall find out until next Saturday if it's entirely correct:

Quarter final I (January 25th)

  • Úgy szállj (Fly) - Cserpes Laura
  • Csak a zene - Depresszió 
  • Help Me! (Ments meg) - Extensive
  • Retikül - Group’n’Swing
  • The Way I Do (Ezt érzem igazán) - Hien
  • Running Out Of Time (Miért) - Király Viktor
  • Break Up - Lil C
  • Morning Light (Reggeli fény) - Marge
  • Egy percig sztár - Oláh Ibolya
  • Hogy segíthetnék? - Szabó Leslie

Quarter final II (February 1st)

  • Miért ne higgyem - Belmondo
  • We All - Bogi
  • Ég veled (Next Please) - Dér Heni
  • Waterfall (Húz az ár) - Joni
  • Running (Hova szaladnál?) - Kállay Saunders András
  • This Is My Life (Ez az életem) - Musicfabrik
  • Karcolás (Rise Again) - Polyák Lilla
  • Born To Fly - Szécsi Saci & Szécsi Böbe
  • Camon Babe (Meg akarom mondani) - To Beat Or Not To Beat
  • Miss One Smile (Állj meg világ) - Vastag Tamás

Quarter final III (February 8th)

  • Minden mosoly - BülBüls - Takács Noémi
  • It Can't Be Over (Ha vele vagyok) - Fool Moon
  • Elmaradt pillanatok - Gájer Bálint
  • A legnagyobb hős - Honeybeast
  • Everything (Mind te vagy) - Király Linda
  • Sweet Memories (Emlékek) - Knoll Gabi
  • Játssz még jazzgitár - Mystery Gang
  • The Last One (Az utolsó) - New Level Empire
  • Brave New World (Szép új világ) - Pál Dénes
  • Catch Me (Kapj el) - Radics Gigi

The jury and the presenters

In the on screen jury, we will again see Magdi Rúzsa, who represented Hungary in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, Jenő Csizsár and Philip Rákay, just as in A Dal 2013. This time they will be joined by Kati Kovács, a popular singer and true star of the Hungarian music scene.

The Hungarian 2013 Eurovision representative, ByeAlex, will be a "digital commentator": he will be discussing online and commenting on the performances during the shows. Éva Novodomszky and Gábor Gundel Takács will host the shows, joined by two "new faces" as backstage presenters: Krisztina Rátonyi and Levente Harsányi.