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Hungary's Joci: "Hopefully my prayer will be answered"

02 May 2017 at 17:19 CEST
Hungary rehearsals Andres Putting
Joci Pápai will represent Hungary in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Origo. He was eager to get on stage and rehearse: "Today is a very important day because it’s my first time in the venue," Joci said to

Joci's breakthrough came in 2005 after he released his first album and was featured in numerous top-charting singles as well. Read more about his career on his participant profile page.   

A unique sound   

Joci Papai recently reshaped his musical style, creating an exciting and unique blend of authentic gypsy music and modern pop which is the embodiment of his Eurovision entry. "My song is the story of my life, and the hardships I went through. It’s a positive message, even though it is a complex song about love," he explained.

The Hungarian representative designed the stage concept for Origo alongside his choreography team. "When I wrote the song I had a vision of what it would look like on the stage," said Joci.  

Celebrating Diversity   

Joci comes from a Romani gypsy background and is proud of his roots. "No matter where you come from you can achieve success. I am the living example of celebrating diversity."

For Joci the song has a spiritual meaning. "The rap part of my song is a prayer, which will hopefully be answered," the Hungarian singer stated.  

After his rehearsal Joci was relaxed: "It went well, I am pleased. Over the next few days I will take some time to see the city but it's important that I stay focused."

Joci's next rehearsal will take place on Saturday, 6th of May. He will perform his song Origo in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 11th May.