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Humans of Eurovision: Highlights so far

We have received over 300 submissions since the Humans of Eurovision project was launched. Here are a selection of some of them.

Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan
Posted 29 April, 2017, 6:55

Two weeks ago we launched the Humans of Eurovision project; an initiative to give fans the chance to share their personal stories telling us what the Eurovision Song Contest means to them. So far we have collected more than 300 stories, here are just a few of them.

Humans of Eurovision is an extension to this year’s slogan of Celebrate Diversity; not only are we celebrating the diverse range of fans, but also the diverse and unique stories that they wish to tell.
Fans have been able to share this stories using the hashtag #HumansofEurovision. Submissions have been received from Argentina to Ukraine and all that’s in between.
We love seeing your portraits and your cities and, of course reading your stories! Here is a selection of the submissions so far:
Erick rom Mexico: "We are a couple from Mexico and Argentina. Eurovision made us find each other last year in Stockholm and we fell in love. Now we live together in Buenos Aires and plan to go back to Eurovision every May as a love tradition."
Mechta from Algeria (click on the link to read the full story):
Not only have these stories been inspiring, interesting, and ingeniously posted across social media, but they’ve also shown off some beautiful locations around the world.
Siru from Finland: "I'm originally from Finland. Ten years ago, when I lived in Iceland, I became friends with two other Finns and we bonded immediately because of our love for Eurovision. We have since then moved to other countries - Spain, Denmark and Finland - but once a year we get together somewhere in Europe, at the Eurovision Song Contest. It's a wonderful tradition and the highlight of the year!"
Antoine and Irina from France:
Lenya from Ukraine: "Time flies and the main event is getting closer. Can't wait to celebrate diversity with the whole Europe in May. I adore Eurovision Song Contest for it's scales and organization, every year I am finding amazing songs and incredible performers. See you in May!"
Daniel from Spain (click on the link to read the full story):
We’ll be continuing to collect your stories over the next two weeks, both from people at home using the hashtag #HumansofEurovision, and on-location in Kyiv. Keep them coming!
Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan
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