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Huge tent to be the backstage of Eurovision 2014

07 March 2014 at 20:00 CET

"It will be the busiest place in the whole Eurovision Island. Hundreds of crew members and all the participants have to go through here," says DR’s production manager Sisse van Wylich-Muxoll.

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"All the props will go in and out of here. There must be an audio studio where the participants will get their in-ear monitors and there will be a special "quick change" space where artists can dress quickly as well. The hosts will of course get their own space and there will be a room only for walkie-talkies," she explains.

Wylich-Muxoll is responsible for coordinating the production of the show. On Monday, she moves in with her team from DR to the trailers at the Arena.

Before the job at the Eurovision Song Contest she has bee the production manager of large TV shows in Denmark.

"This is just ten times bigger! And instead of one show, we have three plus six rehearsals with audience," she says and concludes:" If nothing goes wrong then we have done our job right!"