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How Uzari & Maimuna prepare for Eurovision

12 March 2015 at 06:10 CET

The last happy event for Uzari & Maimuna was finishing their official video clip Time for the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a really hard work that involved a lot of physical efforts for Uzari who had to run and jump through the sand desert to save Maimuna.

For this effect, eleven tones of beach sand were needed. So, the video itself is worth a thousand words:

Advice and tips for Vienna

Last days, Arash, the Azerbaijani singer and former participant in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest visited the Belarusian contestants in Minsk. He shared his own secrets of success in Europa's favourite TV show. 

Arash said that it is important to enjoy the show and not to think that all this is a competition. Only then the entry will be maximum natural.

Vocal training

Now Uzari & Maimuna are practising their singing. Alexandros Panayi, the Cyprian singer, composer, lyricist and producer will come to Minsk today to give some vocal training to the Belarusian hopefuls. Alex participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twice (1995, 2000). He also works as vocal coach and vocal arranger and prepared some singers (Alyona Lanskaya, Teo, Tolmachevy Sisters etc.) for Eurovision.  

On stage in Vienna, Uzari&Maimuna will be accompanied by two backing singers, Yuri Seleznev and Denis Lys. These professional artists collected a lot of experience as backing vocalists on Teo’s side last year in Copenhagen. Denis Lys is also a composer and teaches at the Belarus State College of Arts. He also participated in this year’s Belarusian national final.Yuri Seleznev works both as a solo artist and together with a music band Domino. For his mellow voice, he is called “a Belarusian Sting”.

Fine feathers make fine birds

On stage in Vienna, Uzari & Maimuna will wear costumes designed by Olga Bukhalo who is famous in Belarus among the fans of popular contests. Olga also designed the costumes for Nadezhda Misyakova and her dance band, representatives of Belarus in the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Anna Gert, designer and art photographer, has been allocated the task of designing promotional products for Uzari & Maimuna. Ms. Gert has previously created memorabilia for past Belarusian representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest, such as Alyona Lanskaya, Nadezhda Misyakova, music band 3+2. This year, Uzari & Maimuna will bring their song Time on memory sticks as a present to their fans.