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How long is the wait? - Vienna begins Eurovision countdown

08 January 2015 at 18:30 CET

The very first signs of the world’s biggest entertainment event is to be held in the Austrian capital have appeared today when the 8 metre tall countdown clock covered in LEDs was installed at the Vienna Town Hall Square. And the countdown shows it’s now just 135 days till the Grand Final!

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The countdown tower will be expanded after the Host City Insignia ceremony when the mayor of Copenhagen - as the previous Host City - will give over the traditional 'keys' to the mayor of Vienna. Then it will also start showing hours and minutes to the event.

 The countdown tower has a total weight of 4,900 kg and is completely weatherproof and can withstand wind speeds up to 130 km/h!

Not only a clock!

But it’s not just the countdown clock, trams branded with the Eurovision Song Contest theme artwork appeared in the city as well. You might’ve seen them during the traditional Vienna New Year’s Concert, in fact!