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How It's Made Part Two: Behind the scenes in the viewing room

11 June 2017 at 12:00 CEST
Concentration in the viewing room, where each delegation reviews their stage performance. Helena Nilsson
The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most rehearsed TV productions in the world. Before the artists have performed live during the shows they have rehearsed several times and tweaked their performances to perfection. We went behind the scenes to find out what goes on inside the viewing room where the final touches to each performance are made.

Before the artists have even stepped foot onto the Eurovision stage stand-in rehearsals take place. Recordings of these sessions are sent directly to each delegation for review. They give feedback ahead of their arrival at the venue which ensures that the actual rehearsals are smoother. "They [the delegartions] give us feedback saying what they like and don't like, what they wish for and don't wish for," explained Troels Lund, Multi Camera Director. 

Inside the viewing room

After the first and second rehearsals the delegations review their performance in the viewing room. "In the first part of the meeting we review the sound, we had some changes from the first time," said Carola Conze, Head of Delegation for Germany. "Secondly we look at the camera shots and the LED content of each performance," added Austria's Head of Delegation, Stefan Zechner. 

Viewing Room Producer Mads Enggaard explained that the second visit to the viewing room is more about fine tuning but it can be challenging ensuring that all 42 participating countries are satisfied. "We have big discussion in here," he said with a laugh. "Usually in the first round there are lots of changes but by the time it comes to the second round it's about adding the final touches," said Mads. 

We met Germany's Head of Delegation, Carola Conze, after their second visit to the viewing room. "We are really happy, the sound was perfect and so were the visuals," she said. 

From review to request

Changes in the viewing room are specific, down to each second, to ensure that each performance is the best that it can be. During the meeting with Germany the team requested that a small change was made to the camera angle when the artist, Levina, sits up from the stage. "It's the part when Levina's hip leaves the floor," Carola explained. Check out Germany's performance to see that change to the camera angle when the artist sits up. 

The production team work hard to ensure that they accomodate the requested changes ahead of the dress rehearsals and live shows. "It's super nice to have happy customers" added Mads.