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Hotel FM wants to change the world

04 May 2011 at 16:34 CEST

On stage and backstage

During their first rehearsal the main singer David Bryan was wearing tight black trousers with white stripes. Next to him there are two female dancers who also play the trumpets. They whole band then asks the audience to clap along their catchy tune before an explosion puts an end to their performance.

David told us he's been a good boy for the last two weeks: "I've made sure to go to bed early every night and make sure my voice is okay, no partying, no nothing."

 This year we think each position is possible for Romania!


Change was one of the first songs chosen for this year's competition as the band won their national selection on New Year's Eve: "We've had five months to prepare our performance since then, and we hope it's for the best".

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Just like most of the other contestants the band was mainly concerned to get the sound right in this first rehearsal: "We need to hear how it sounds on stage. Since this is a large place, the sound could be a bit echo-like".

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An Englishman in Romania

It was press conference time for Romania and some attention was given to the fact that the lead singer, David is from the Northeast of England. He decided to stay in Romania five years ago after he found a girlfriend and started working as a singer.

Before he was a factory worker in the UK and he felt like he had to pursue his dream of becoming a singer, and it is now that he's managing to become a professional singer in Romania.

He hopes to get some votes from his fellow countrymen, although he declares that was not the aim when he was chosen to be the singer of Hotel FM.

Actually it is the first time that a foreigner will represent Romania and as David said: "I hope to do them proud".

 Being here at Eurovision is FUN 'til the maximum!


The composer and leader of the band, Gabriel, found the perfect singer in David singing Bon Jovi's Bed Of Roses at a karaoke and by singing a bit to the attending press it was clear why he stayed in the band.

Taking advantage of the situation as a showcase for his singing talents he didn't only offer the pop-rock ballad or the pop-hymn of Change, but he also sang some self-written rap verses and even some Opera!

There is an added new interest for his fans if Romania gets the trophy on the 14th of May: "If we win, I'll run naked around the stadium!".

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Who are Hotel FM?

The Hotel FM story began in 2005, when the Romanian composer Gabriel Băruţa recruited a few very talented musicians from his hometown Oradea to create a new sound, a modern pop-rock feel based on melody and innovation, specific to the songs he wrote.

The band has played many concerts in cities of Romania and Germany and released a promotional CD in the spring of 2006. In 2010, Hotel FM competed for the first time in the Romanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with Come As One, and came fourth.

The secret of Hotel FM success seems to be the boys' simplicity, honesty and talent. Without having studies or degrees in music, Gabriel, David and Alex managed to win the hearts of both specialists and the large audience in Romania.

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