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Hotel FM (Romania) 2nd press conference

08 May 2011 at 16:46 CEST

“It was really good. We have to sing the song three times. The last time was nearly perfect, like it sounds on the CD.” This is the way the band would like it to sound on their big night.

The entry song Change is actually meant to convey that one “can't change the world alone”. People need to look at themselves and experience personal change in order to change the world.

Last year Romania took 3rd place in the Eurovision Song Contest, scoring 162 points with the song entry 'Playing with Fire' performed by Paula Seling & Ovi. However, despite last year's success, Hotel FM does not feel an inordinate amount of pressure to score high. Says David: “We don't come here to break records. It's not down to what we do, it's down to what the fans decide and so we're here to do our best and hope to get the best results.”

Asked who they felt were their greatest competitors in the competion, the band expressed praise for France and Estonia.

David is British and originally came to Romania as a missionary to help needy children and ended up staying. There has been some criticism from his countrymen for competing for Romania against the UK in the contest: “ I'm sure the guys from Blue[the UK Eurovision band] will do a really great job. I'm obviously very proud of them as being British, but I want to win, not them. But, whatever happens, I'll be happy if they win or we win in the end.”

Even though Romanian television selected their entry song at the beginning of December, the song is still very present in Romanian minds, thanks to daily video showings on the Romanian TVR channel and numerous mentions in national newspapers.

The band are also working on a new album planned for release some time in autumn. They concluded the press conference by performing both a rap number and one of their new songs “The Gathering”.