Hotel FM (Romania) 1st press conference

It seems he took naturally to the stage. “I’ve always been a singer,” he says. He proved his worth in karaoke bars in the UK and then, after taking up voluntary service in Romania, did so in the bars there. He caught the attention of Gabriel Bařuṱa, the entry’s song composer and leader of Hotel FM, when he had his fun singing Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses. “I was looking for a lead singer and I knew then that David was my man,” says Gabriel.

The first rehearsal has gone well for the band. “It was maximum fun in the arena. Organisation is superb, I’d say even a bit better than in England”, says Dave in admiration. He emphasises the meaning of the song: “We‘re not only representing Romania here, but all the other countries that are in need. It could help to make the world a better place.”

David’s singing for Romania had a dramatic impact, both at home and on him: “About a week after the news was out, the BBC visited my parents. Of course they were ecstatic. I mean, how would any family react?” he says. And all the euphoria surrounding the band winning the preliminaries induced him to make a bet: “Yes, I said that I would run around the arena naked if we win the Contest,” he admits, beaming. Still, he and the band have their minds set on reaching the finals first.

Quite the cheeky entertainer, David can’t help but taunt the English entrants. “We’ll do quite well because our song sounds English. Blue’s song is American, as is their video.” To top it off, he sings the Bed of Roses chorus, raps another song and gives his best at the famous aria Ave Maria.

Watch out for a naked Englishman on May 14th.

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