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Host City Insignia handed over to Oslo and Bærum

04 December 2009 at 17:00 CET

The Deputy Mayor of Moscow thanked Channel One Russia for the "excellent production of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest," and wishes the two host cities of the 2010 running all the best with the preparations in the lead up to the event.

Some 500 guests attended the Host City Insignia Exchange at the Bærum Kulturhus. Amongst the guests were over 100 school children from the small co-hosting municipality. Though Oslo is the official Host City, the Telenor Arena is actually located in Bærum.  


In an exclusive interview to, Trine Bendixen, Head of Cultural Affairs of Bærum and the host of today's programme, unveiled the municipality's commitment to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and explained their commitment to involve the children of Bærum.


"We are very excited about co-hosting this event with Oslo, and we are looking forward to welcoming the artists and their delegations, and the international guests that will visit the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. We would like to engage the people who live in our municipality in different ways. We already have a long list of people who would like to volunteer as translators during the event, for example," Bendixen explained.

The Bærum municipality also takes the Eurovision Song Contest as an opportunity to engage young children and to give Europe's favourite TV-show an educational spin. "On the 15th of December, the schools in Bærum are each going to draw one of the participating countries which they will focus on in school for the upcoming months," the Head of Cultural Affairs said.

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