Hopefuls Hungarian national selection revealed

The following singers will take part in the national final, as announced by MTV on their website: 

  • EZ ONE zenekar
  • Candis
  • Imre Zsuzsa
  • Vágó Zsuzsi - Mészáros Árpád Zsolt
  • Antal Zsuzsa & Fishers Company
  • DURE
  • Lola
  • 21 gramm
  • Gál Csaba Boogie
  • Adrienn Szekeres 
  • Mónika Hoffmann 
  • Fiesta
  • Orsolya Szatmári 
  • Csézy
  • Orsolya Pflum 

This year will be Hungary's seventh Eurovision Song Contest participation. After staying home for the contest in 1999, it would take until 2005 until the Hungarian flag returned to the Eurovision Song Contest stage. In 2005, the Hungarians took a one-year break, but in Helsinki, last year, Magdi Rúzsa brought the country a successful come-back. She finished second in the Semi-Final and came ninth in the Final.

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