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Homens Da Luta (Portugal) 2nd press conference

The band jumps onto the desks on the podium and starts yet another revolution of joy. Shouting into the loudhailer, Nuno thanks the technical staff, the volunteers and the journalists for the momentous event in Düsseldorf so far.

An excerpt from Nuno’s sermon: “Music is the weapon of the future! We are facing many problems in Portugal at the moment. People everywhere are reading the newspapers and watching TV, all they read and see are bad news! We feel responsible to make people feel happy! There are people here from 43 nations in harmonious unity. Maybe the European politicians should learn from you!”

Luta É Alegria is based on the events of the Carnation Revolution which freed Portugal from dictatorship in 1974. “It was a peaceful revolution. And that’s the spirit we want to bring here to the Eurovision Song Contest!” shouts Nuno.   

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