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Homelessness instead on booty for Finland

Waldo and Karolina together makes up Waldo's People, representing Finland with the entry Lose Control. On stage, they are supported by two male backing dancers and two female vocalists. For both the preview video and the stage show the group have decided for a theme of homeless people.

“We didn't want to do a basic dance video with naked girls shaking booty,” Waldo says. “After fifteen seconds of that you're not interested anymore, 'cause you've seen it so many times. So instead we wanted to create a movie story based on the lyrics of the song.”

The lyrics of Lose Control are not about love, as most other pop lyrics.

“There's a story in there. For everyone in their lives, it's not always easy, but when you encounter hard times, there is always sunshine after the rain. We want to give that hope to everyone,” Waldo comments. “There are moments and times in everyone’s lives when you just feel that no matter what you do, things just don't seem to go your way. No one expects bad things to happen. This song is a way of dealing with the facts of life. It's our way of inspiring not to give up.”

Waldo has got the flu for some week and is still ill. On Friday, he visited a doctor to get rid of the problems in time for his Semi-Final on the upcoming Tuesday.

“It's been horrible,” he says. “But I will manage, no matter how bad I feel.”


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