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High octane message of love from Bulgaria

18 May 2012 at 19:46 CEST

Behind the scenes with Bulgaria

Backstage before her rehearsal, Sofi spoke with and told us that her son is with her in Baku. She adds "My son Lorenzo is with me, I was a little bit worried at first about how he would be here but he is enjoying it very much."

We then asked Sofi that if Lorenzo loved it here so much, maybe he would be a future star of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She laughed and replied "I don't think he would want to sing, all he wants to do is play the drums!."

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It's all about Sofi on stage

Bulgaria have no gimmicks or fancy tricks on stage this year, in fact no other people on stage at all besides Sofi Marinova herself. She is wearing a red Moschino top and black trousers and has her hair tied back in a ponytail. 

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The staging is also simplistic. The LED backdrop has wavy lines that resemble contours on a weather map, and flashing spot lights across the stage with pink splashes of colour against the backdrop as Sofi sings away at the uptempo number. There is a wind machine and smoke effects. We are expecting some pyrotechnics in the Semi Final performance.

Sofi tells us about her Semi Final outfit

At the Bulgarian press conference Sofi told us about the outfit she will wear in the Second Semi-Final saying "It's a white costume with soft leather, it's very delicate, it should not be touched too much. I will have various accessories in a golden colour. The idea of the costume is from the stylist, and dated back to an old tribal outfit from Bulgarian history."

SBS Radio asked Sofi about her background and the fact that she studied building and tailoring originally. She laughed and said "You know a lot about my childhood. If you ask me to fix a button on your shirt now I would not be able to do it now!."

Sofi also commented on her feelings about both of her rehearsals so far. "The first rehearsal I was a lot more nervous as the stage was entirely new to me. Now i'm more familiar with it. Everything connected with the technical side is now perfect the second time around. I would be really happy now if I could come to Eurovision and do this every year!."

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A Greek journalist asked Sofi to perform something in Greek and she duly obliged. The moderator said if he didn't know better, because she was so good, Sofi could be of Hellenic descent!.

Radio International asked Sofi about whether she intends to record more music in this style"In Bulgaria I perform a different style of music than I am here. I believe that this type of song is a perfect song for Eurovision. As a musician I do very much like to try different things. If people like it maybe I would record more in this style."