High octane energy from France

Jessy wears a white waistcoat and grey sporty trousers. He is joined by two male dancers and one female. There is also a male and a female backing vocalist at the side of the stage.The two male dancers and both backing vocalists are wearing white t shirts with horizontal stripes which have a traditional sailor style look about them.

The French performance is energetic and full of carefully considered choreography. There is a lot of shuffling, waving of arms, hip swaying and even bottom waggling which drew some cheers from those watching the rehearsal. The backdrop is blue and gold flashing light where the word Allez is displayed randomly. The stage has smoke rising. Pyrotechnics and flames are used in the first refrain

The song now has an extra instrumental bridge with an African style heavy rhythmical drumbeat. During this instrumental break, the backing singer takes off his shirt and performs some backflips. Jessy then dances alone to the end of the catwalk.

At the end of the music, Jessy runs back from the catwalk and the group perform a tribal chant before signing off their performance.


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