High media interest in today's press conference

Present were representatives of the European Broadcasting Union, T.E.A.M. Marketing, Host Broadcaster RTS and Presenting Partner of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Raiffeisen Bank.

"We consider the Eurovision Song Contest a very popular event in Central and Eastern Europe, that addresses a wide range of existing and potential customers across the region," said Michael Palzer, Head of Communications of Raiffeisen International. "We decided to sponsor the Eurovision Song Contest because it offers Serbia and Belgrade the possiblity to be presented in a very positive light, which is truly deserved, while many people are not familiair with that," added Oliver Roegl, Chairman of the Managing Board of Raiffeisen Bank.

Host Broadcaster RTS explained the choice for th Belgrade Arena as venue of the event, and the Sava Centre to host media facilities and the EuroClub. RTS officials highlighted that the organizers have a very serious approach towards this project, aiming to show the world the "young, educated and gifted artits, the rich music traditions and the meanwhile modern standards of popular music, as well as the natural beauty of Serbia." 

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