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High jinks on the high seas for Turkey

19 May 2012 at 13:22 CEST

Can Bonomo popular with the locals

Backstage, Can Bonomo spoke with before his second rehearsal and said of his experiences in Baku so far "It feels awesome, the funny thing is i'm being stopped all of the time to make photos, and we are making fun pictures with everyone."

Can also didn't rule out the possibility of returning to Azerbaijan due to his popularity with the locals since he arrived. He added "If I don't get a good score in Eurovision, I would definitely come back as it seems the people here like me no matter what happens."

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Nautical theme on stage

Can and his five male backing dancers are wearing grey cloaks, which they later hold out to make an image of a ship with a sail. One of the dancers spins on his head part way through the performance. 

The LED backdrop is impressive and displays many nautical objects, such a ship steering wheel, stormy sea outlines, sea horses, anchors and a lighthouse.

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The choreography itself is slick, and the routine looks well drilled. The team seemed genuinely pleased with how rehearsals went.

Where would Can Bonomo choose to sail to?

Can Bonomo met the media at his second press conference after watching back his rehearsal in the viewing room.

A journalist asked Can that If he was a sailor, as he is on his official video for Love Me Back, where would he want to sail to? He replied "I am a sailor actually, I used to sail around 12 years ago. If i had chance I would love to sail in America, as i've never seen the ocean before."

Can had kind words for the Turkish broadcaster TRT saying "First of all i'd like to thank TRT for giving me this opportunity. In the past the artists who were chosen for Eurovision were a lot more established than I am. This is the first year they wanted to give somebody relatively new a chance and I am lucky to have the opportunity."

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Meaning of Can's tattoo

The topic of which countries may like the Turkish entry was raised also, to which Can said "Before this year I didn't know many things about Eurovision. I only saw it six times in my life before this year. For me, it's all about the music though. I hope that I will get support from many countries across Europe rather than just a few!"

The last question related to Can's tattoos and he explained "We would need three hours to talk about all of my tattoos! The one on my hand is an ancient symbol for musicians. Chris Martin of Coldplay has a tattoo on his hand too! so i'm not the first!"

The Turkish press conference was closed with Can Bonomo spending some time meeting and greeting the press and fans.