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High-heels and acrobatics for Albania

06 May 2009 at 15:30 CEST

Seventeen-old Kejsi Tola has a lot to remember during her performance for the Eurovision Song Contest. During the three-minute show, she manages to stand on and get lifted by her three agile dancers. Kejsi Tola handles an additional challenge by using high heels. During Wednedsay's rehearsal, she was otherwise dressed in simple pink pants and a white top. Her dancers used a jogging-style outfit which will surely be changed for the live broadcast next Thursday.


Kejsi Tola was born on the 5th of February, 1992. She is studying at the artistic lyceum of Jordan Misja in Tirana. Her career started when she was 11 years old, participating in the Young Voices Song Festival and winning the first prize. She also won the youth part of the Shkodra Festival Contest twice. In 2008, she won the award Best New Artist in Friday Fever, a song contest for Albanian Modern Music. “I love singing and it's very important for me,” Kejsi says. “Music gives me an inner strength, which I sometimes don’t show in my daily life and which only comes out when on stage.”

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Kejsi Tola managed a large part on the press conference in English. She was asked about the preview video for the song, where she walks in a snowy city. Kejsi told that the video was shot in Munich. The crew stayed outside in the cold for seven hours, but Kejsi said that she was happy with the end result. She also commented on the fact that Albania has sent several extremely young women as their representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest and revealed that she is friends with one of them, Olta Boka, last year's Albanian singer.

“I don't have a very long career, but I don't think that the age is what's important here," Kejsi said. "I'm very proud that I get to represent my country in the contest.”

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