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High-flying choreography for Estonia

02 May 2014 at 15:14 CEST

Backstage, the Estonian delegation were relaxed. Tanja came to the to pose for some pictures and when asked "have you changed anything?", she said, "only some minor adjustments to the cameras. There are just so many of them!". 

Tanja also told us how she managed to singing and do such complex choreography at the same time to which she replied, "It took over two months of rehearsing to be able to manage to perform this properly, so it is a lot of work". 

A lying start

As mentioned above, nothing much has changed from the first Estonian rehearsal, but the show is equally as impressive. At the start Tanja and her backing dancer lay down on the floor with a spider cam located right on top of them, givng nice visuals at the beginning of the performance. 

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The choreography was entirely flawless, as a result of the aforementioned rehearsing for two months for two hours a day. However, it appeared that Tanja had a few technical problems with her wireless pack causing her to adjust it during the song. This was promptly rectified before the final run-through, however. 

The fans and press watching in the hall were very impressed with Tanja's rehearsal, which received a lot of applause and cheering towards the end. 

"I get my strength from my performances"

On arriving at the press conference, Tanja said that the producers had done "a perfect job" in respect of changes that her and her delegation had suggested. 

Tanja was asked about her figure and diet and she answered, "I'm a girl with curves. I love to eat a lot and I don't have time to go to the gym". She also recommended that everyone try dancing as it is a "very good workout". 

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She was also asked about why her backing singers are not visible during the performance to which she replied, "I am very grateful for having them there but the reason you cannot see them because we wanted to tell the story of two people in the performance. They are also very experienced having been to Eurovision a few times before. This is my first time". 

Tanja also talked about her dancer, Argo Liik, who "has been throwing me around the stage for ten years", referring to her appearance in the musical, Carmen, where he played a similar role. 

She also said, "we have had some accidents together: I kicked him in the face one and I had concussion". 

Estonia will take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on the 6th of May.