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High energy and pole dancers for Austria! spoke to Lukas and Manuel of the Trackshittaz backstage before their first rehearsal. They spoke of their initial impressions of Baku, adding "We arrived only yesterday, everything is very big! There are lots of new buildings, some of which are not quite finished yet. We stopped and looked at the huge Azerbaijan flag near the arena for around 10 minutes! We've never seen such a big flag in our lives, we're sure that you could see it from outer space!."

No tractor in Baku

Trackshittaz had to make some enforced changes to their stage performance since winning the Austrian national final, and there were rumours that their famous tractor may turn up on stage in Baku. Lukas responds "We left our tractor at the airport, because if you drove a tractor from one country to another you have to cross too many borders, and it would take too much time! We do promise you a good show on stage still though."

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Energetic stage show

Trackshittaz are joined by three female pole dancers who gyrate their way around the five poles on stage throughout the song. Lukas and Manuel even get in on the act themselves!. They are also very busily moving around the stage during the performance. 

The LED backdrop again has a tunnel effect with alternate flashing stripes and spotlights. It is fair to say that the whole group are expending a great deal of energy with each performance, as they didn't hold back for any of the performances.

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Trackshittaz entrance to their press conference was rather spectacular with Manuel driving a tractor on to the stage. The guys then made the whole of the press do exercises with them to wake them up!. Lukas then announced to the assembled media that they could sit down, like at school.

The song is not sexist!

The group also said that they have another surprise planned with their stage outfits, but it wasn't possible to show this today.

Considering that the song title translates as "Shake your booty", the guys were asked who had the best asses of the ladies they had met in Eurovision so far, and they answered "Russia!!".

A journalist suggested that the meaning of the song Woki Mit Deim Popo was sexist, the guys replied "We have been criticised in Austria for that, but there's a difference between sexism and sexual. Of course we have some sexual influences, but it's not too obvious like some of the other music videos that exist. We take it with a fun view. Have fun, switch off, forget this economic crisis and have fun. If you switch off your head, you can look at things in a different way."

The pole dancer girls were asked how they came to work with Trackshittaz Lukas explained on their behalf  "We already knew the girls from the casting show which I took place in in 2010, due to having a lot of party songs in that show, I got the girls dancing with me a lot, so i'm very proud that they agreed to join us and complete the band."

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