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Hersi: "This year is full of beautiful things"

Posted 17 April 2014 at 21:21

Right in the middle of her promotional tour, and just before getting prepared for Copenhagen, we've met Albanian Eurovision representative Hersi Matmuja for an interview. Watch our video feature below, recorded in Rome, where she currently pursues her studies in classical music:
{Video#YT, id:YZ2xM73EwEU}
"It's been a busy three months", Hersi says in the interview. "After winning the national selection, we re-made the song in English language, and we recorded it in Greece with some of the best musicians. Then we shot the video clip, and now I am back in Rome because I also have to graduate this year."
What can we expect on stage in Copenhagen? Hersi smiles: "When my team asked me what I will need on stage in Copenhagen, I said: just two things - a microphone, and ear monitors. For me the important things are the song, the vocal score, and if you express your original feelings, this is the performance already."
Hersi confesses that she is overwhelmed by the love and support of her fans: "I have received messages from all around the world, and I am so blessed! I feel so supported by all the Eurovision fans. I want to thank you all very much."
These days, Hersi has been a keen traveller - she is on a promotional tour through Europe, visiting The Netherlands, San Marino, Hungary, Malta, and Montenegro, among others. If you speak Italian, you can also watch her interview with San Marino RTV on Youtube.
Have you watched the video clip to One Night's Anger yet? You can do so below, and don't forget to check out Hersi's participant profile on Eurovision.tv too!
{Video#YT, id:J4ABpIspdic}
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