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Here are the judges for Eurovision 2016!

29 April 2016 at 15:05 CEST
Since 2009, the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest has been determined not only by you - millions of viewers from around Europe - but also by five music industry professionals in each of the participating countries. In each country, viewers and a national jury both make up 50 percent of the outcome of the contest.

The full list, which you can find it at the bottom of this story is preliminary, and changes may occur due to unforeseen circumstances in the lead up to the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Keep an eye on this story to follow any changes in the juries in the lead up to the shows.

How does it work?

Traditionally, the jury members will come together to watch the second Dress Rehearsal of each show, live as it happens, via a dedicated satellite channel at each country's public broadcaster headquarters. Their work will be supervised by a notary, and the EBU's independent observers of PwC reserve the rights to pay ad-hoc surprise visits to the jury gatherings in order to re-assure that the jury voting is being conducted in accordance with the Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Each jury member is asked to evaluate the vocal capacity, the performance on stage, the composition and originality of the song and the overall impression by the act, and rank all entries, except their own country's contribution, in order. Each jury member should vote independently from the others.

After the submission of their vote, the EBU and PwC intensely work together to check and verify the jury results. In case of apparent irregularities, a national jury vote may be discarded.

For the first time, the jury and televoters will each give their own set of points from 1 to 8, 10 and 12.

Being a juror

There are strict admission rules to become a member of the jury

  • Members of the jury must not have been part of the jury in the previous two years;
  • Members of the jury must be aged of at least 16 on the day they vote;
  • Members of the jury must not be employees of Participating Broadcasters;
  • Members of the jury must pursue a profession in or related to the music industry;
  • Members of the jury shall be citizens of the country they represent;
  • No member of a jury shall be connected in any way with any of the participating songs entered and/or artists performing in the contest in such a way that they cannot vote in complete independence and impartiality.
  • Just like viewers at home, juries will vote during the Final and during one of the two Semi-Finals.

Since 2014, the European Broadcasting Union has announced the list of national jury members in advance of the contest.