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Hera's winning recipe for Iceland: a cake bazaar

29 May 2010 at 18:06 CEST

Hera Björk has a history with the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite appearances of her own in national selections, she has been a backing singer for the Icelandic contest entries for two years in a row. In 2009, she backed Yohanna up with Is It True, the runner-up song behind Alexander Rybak's Fairytale. Now, Yohanna is the presenter of the Icelandic votes, and Hera is the one to take the stage.

“We sold cakes for a lot of money”

But the life of an artist is not effortless. Hera has been required to put some heavy work into her entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. In order to get to Oslo with a proper show, she had to raise money with a special method.

“We actually held a cake bazaar! We needed some more money than we had , to do this like we wanted it to be, so we went to the biggest shopping mall, and everyone baked – all the mummys, grannys and fathers. And we sold cakes for a lot of money and sang,” Hera says.

The economy of Iceland has declined badly with the financial crisis, but Hera and her team has nevertheless managed to achieve their vision for the song.

“It's been harder than past years to get support, but we've had a lot of help from the public and small businesses,” Hera tells.

She compares participating in the Eurovision Song Contest to running a business. Hera has herself hired people for her team – a marketing department, a financial department and people to create the costumes and join her on stage.

“I've always known”

The preparations took some work, but Hera has nevertheless for a long time had great confidence in that she would one day be the main artist in the Eurovision Song Contest. In Moscow 2009, she told friends and journalists that she would also be in Oslo.

“I've always known. There have been this little voice in my head. I always make a five-year plan for what I want to achieve in the future. This was a top priority in that list. If you decide something and work for it step by step, you get there!” she says.

Has emanated tranquility

The confidence helps, Hera compares it to building a house. Another part of that building is her new album, which was released shortly before the contest. But for the present, the focus is rigidly set for the Grand Final.

Hera and her team has emanated tranquility during the two weeks in Oslo, and she has no doubts for what the reason is for the sense of comfort.

“The Norwegians are doing a fantastic job, everything is so well planned and organised, so we know it's going to be great,” Hera concludes.