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Norway's Alessandra in the Eurovision studio

Norway’s queen: Her name is Alessandra

30 April 2023 at 17:48 CEST
Norway's Alessandra in the Eurovision studio Corinne Cumming / EBU
Alessandra will be flying the Norwegian flag proudly in Liverpool. The artist represents the Nordic nation at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, with her song 'Queen of Kings.'
Alessandra rehearsing Queen of Kings for Norway at the First Rehearsal of the First Semi-Final at Liverpool Arena Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Alessandra won the honour of representing Norway in Liverpool, after triumphing at the 2023 Melodi Grand Prix final in her home country. Queen of Kings beat out 20 other songs across the four-week competition. Alessandra was crowned both the public and the jury’s favourite, ahead of other Melodi Grand Prix favourites such as Ulrikke and Elsie Bay.

Alessandra was the first artist to take the stage in Liverpool for the very first day of rehearsals, on Sunday 30 April. Wearing her trademark cape over a metallic bustier, Alessandra was joined by four dancers with mega-sized glow sticks. A brand-new tiara-esque headpiece has been added for the occasion, too - only serving to elevate the regal theme of her song. And we have a brief moment of fire for the middle eight - again, emphasising just how hot that tune really is.

The official Live Blog of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest was on-site in the arena during Alessandra’s first rehearsal, with a succinct summary: “Staging aside, this song is a HUGE female empowerment battle cry, with the drums vibrating through the floor of the Liverpool Arena and that whistle note at the end lifting the roof off.”

Our Norwegian star also has some roots in 2022’s Eurovision host nation, Italy. The Mediterranean country makes its influence on Alessandra known at any given occasion; when we asked the singer what her favourite cheese was, she responded with Parmigiano - without skipping a beat. As they say in Italy: Parla come mangi!

When she’s not starting parties with Queen of Kings, Alessandra has a few other pop bangers that she turns to regularly to lift the mood and elevate the room. Amongst her favourite jams are the likes of Break My Soul by Beyoncé, Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan and Love Generation by Bob Sinclair. All that rhythm she’s showcasing on stage clearly has some of its roots in these bops.

“I’m having such a blast to be with everyone and talk and connect,” Alessandra told the official Eurovision Song Contest podcast, explaining how she’s connected best with some of the artists who are really different from her, like Loreen and Käärijä. As a child, she didn’t watch Eurovision every year, but when she did she remembers: “I always had this weird feeling, and I think it was just my body saying I was going to be there.” Maybe Eurovision has always been Alessandra’s destiny.

There’s more from Alessandra on Episode 13 of the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast.

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