Hectic times at Eurovision.tv

At the moment, we are finalizing our planning for the so-called 'Eurovision weeks', the two weeks we will be working from the host city in May. An impressive total of 18 people will be involved with the production of Eurovision.tv during those weeks, to make sure you won't miss anything of what's happening in Belgrade. We will be covering all rehearsals and press conferences, the parties - our party bloggers can't wait! - the live shows and a whole lot more. Another four or five people will be taking care of the Serbian version of Eurovision.tv.

We are also planning something very special with YouTube. It's something that's never been done, and will show you the Eurovision Song Contest from a previously unseen perspective. In the upcoming weeks, I will tell you more about this activity.

Our development team is working on a blog module for MyEurovision. Within a couple of weeks, everyone - yes, you too! - can start their own blog on Eurovision.tv, reaching out to millions of people across Europe and the rest of the world. It's not only going to be great fun for the fans, but also for the fan sites, who can promote their content and websites through this feature, and for participants of the Contest, who can blog about their adventures in the lead up to the Eurovision Song Contest and promote themselves to the maximum.

Behind the scenes at Eurovision.tv, every day is different. But what is the same every day, is the endless dedication of my team and our desire to bring you something entertaining ánd informative in the lead up to the Eurovision Song Contest. We hope you enjoy it, and that you are looking forward to May as much as we do! 

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