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Heavy ethno-rock sounds from Albania

“Rock and roll fits perfectly in Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t forget that we had Lordi from Finland some years ago and they won. Besides them, a lot of other great rock bands, from Turkey for example took part too”, Adrian Lulgjuraj told us while waiting for his turn to rehears for the second time this week.

There will be quiet a lot of heavy fog on stage, strong red-orange lights and of course some pyros. Adrian is a lead singer especially during the chorus, but he takes over the singing part from Bledar Sejko, guitar player, who is obviously in charge for the verses in the song called Identitet.

Adrian and Bledar are not alone on the stage. In order to bring the most powerful rock sound at Eurovision Song Contest ever, songwriters and performers are being supported by a drumer, percussionist, keybord player and bass guitar.

“Our song is actually about the Albanian identity. Message that we are trying to share through lyrics is about hope that our country will fit in European identity one day”, Adrian explained.

"It will rock for sure!"

Albanian delegation seems to be very relaxed. Adrian and Bledar can hardly wait to rock the stage, hopefully in the Finals too. “We are totally satisfied with almost everything. With the performance, sound and support we are getting from the organisers. We did perform our song live before, but here on Eurovision stage, it sounds even better”, 32 year old rock singer from Ulcinj, Montenegro said.

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“Eurovision is amazing experience for us, as we already met so many interesting people. We will see what happens, but even if don’t qualify for the Finals, we still have our own projects. As I’m from Ulcinj, it would be great to publish something there as well and that’s just part of my future plans”, Adrian Lulgjuraj added.

Adrian: We will burn on Thursday

At the Press conference, we found out from Albanian delegation that everything was perfect during the Second rehearsal. “It was perfect”, lead singer Adrian said, adding: “We will burn on Thursday! You'll see.”

While explaining the meaning of the lyrics she wrote for the song, Eda Sejko stated. “Lyrics are about freedom, brotherhood, identity. We are small country, but we want to be part of big European familly. That’s what I was thinking about, while writing those lyrics. So, the message is exactly as your slogan says – We are one”. Another thing that Albanian delegation shared was that the song for this year's Eurovision Song Contest was produced in Sweden as Nordic countries are known by "great rock music".

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Adrian grew up listening rock music, especially The Doors. Today he works as a Real-estate agent: “It’s not easy. Sometimes happens that I have a gig in the evening till late and then I have to go work tomorrow, early in the morning."