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Heavenly sounds for Croatia

19 May 2012 at 11:10 CEST
Nina Badrić performed 'Nebo' in Baku for Croatia EBU

When we met Nina Badrić backstage before her second rehearsal, she invited us to her dressing room, where her backing vocalists were already waiting in their full semi-final costumes - stunning white dresses and white stockings.

Also Nina was wearing her long black dress for the Semi-Final night already. "I have a dress to impress", she said, smiling to us. "It's simple, but not so simple", she added. "The main thing is that I feel comfortable on stage, and with this dress, I really do."

While the Croatian artists were waiting to go on stage, they were finishing their make-up and hairstyling, and they were trying on the shoes they are going to wear on stage, silver high heels. And the heels were really high this time, so it's definitely not easy to walk the long way from the dressing rooms to the stage in them!

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In the second rehearsal today, the Croatian artists all performed in their stage outfits, and they also showed the full Semi-Final choreography: Two male dancers performed an energetic routine, and towards the climax of the song, they took a white cloth which was waving like a sail behind the singers on stage.

The atmosphere created on stage and on the TV screens fit the nostalgic feeling of the song Nebo, which means Heaven in English, very well, with a mountain scenery next to the seaside pictured on the LED backdrop in the beginning, changing to grey clouds later on. The main colours of the light scene were blue and white.

The long stage experience of both Nina and her backing artists really showed off during today's rehearsal, as both choreography and vocals seemed flawless to the press audience in the Baku Crystal Hall.

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Aleksandar Kostadinov, the Head of the Croatian Delegation, introduced his team first in the second press conference. He stated that the team was not very happy with the second rehearsal, but he was positive that everything would be fine in the dress rehearsals. Nina Badrić added: "The first rehearsal was better."

"We want to get more atmosphere on the screens, and I would like people to see more of the choreography. People should see how the drama is rising, and how the sea is calm then in the end", Aleksandar Kostadinov went on to explain the changes the team was looking for.

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"The stage is amazing, and I'm grateful to God that I got this opportunity", Nina stated. On the question of a journalist why the best ballads always came from Ex-Yugoslavian countries, she explained: "We are very emotional people. We like good lyrics and slow ballad. We like songs that reveal our dreams about great love."

To finish the press conference, the Croatian musicians performed Hold Me Now, the winning song of the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest by Johnny Logan, for the press audience.