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Hear the voice of Sanna Nielsen

28 April 2014 at 15:56 CEST

Sanna, like several other performers, told us she couldn't wait to get on the stage, and that she was really looking forward to her first rehearsal, She had enjoyed her sound check, and was laughing along with her fellow backing vocalists, who perform behind the microphones on the extreme right of the stage. 

During the soundchecks it was a case of greeting old friends, as the Swedish delegation were pleased to see the familiar faces who are handling the in-ear sound checks.

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The heat is on

Christer Bjorkman, the Swedish Head of Delegation was also appearing relaxed, after being the man in charge just 12 months ago. Though he was slightly concerned about the long period of waiting around backstage, as it is extremely warm in the temporary tents errected  next to the B&W Hallerne. The waiting can affect the energy levels of the singers, though he expected by the second rehearsal that everyone would have got into their routine.

Rehearsals are of course used to also try different things out, before settling on the final look of the song, and in the case of Sweden there was some minor changes to the lighting and the background effects during each run through, but the basic impression remained the same throughout.

Sanne appears on the centre stage alone, with strong white lights shining down from above from various angles, there is also a giant glitterball hanging high up the ceiling to cast the light all around the stage and auditorium.

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Hear my voice

Sanna  herself was dressed all in black,, with short sleeve top, trousers and black high heeled shoes, and gave confident vocal performances throughout each rehearsal of the song; and just like the song says we can hear her voice.