Harel Skaat represented Israel in 2010 with the song 'Milim'
Harel Skaat represented Israel in 2010 with the song 'Milim' Photo: EBU

Harel puts his emotions into the performance

The concept of the Israeli entry is mainly based around the performer and his song. Just an emotional rendition of Milim by Harel is enough to make this one of the favourites according to the betting experts.

He first performed the song in a black suit, but took the jacket off and wore just a white shirt on top for some of his other performances, so it remains to be seen what will his final choice be. Harel looked deeply moved when singing his "words" and that totally connected with those attending the rehearsal. 

The stage is a perfect companion for Harel, with white spotlights directed to the audience resembling a starry sky and turning to blue by the end of the song.


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"I connect more with the song every time I sing it"

In the second press conference for Israel they had a big surprise for us, they premiered the official video-clip of Milim! In the video Harel is in a desert, a place that reveals his feelings when he sings this song, not just sad feelings but anger too, as he's been separated from someone, and needs to go to a place where he can reveal his anger, but there he realises that he can't be separated from himself, from his feelings.

About the rehearsal, they were pleased with the outcome although some part of the shooting is still to be changed: Harel thinks it's an easy song to stage as the focus is on the singing performance. Whenever he sings it at the rehearsals he connects more with the song finding further anger and sorrow.

The composer was inspired by his voice and is now so proud to hear him singing his work so intensely. They have prepared English, French and Spanish versions of the Israeli song.

One journalist pointed out that the German singer, Lena, finds Harel very hot. He replied "I hope that she reacts to the song and the performance as good as she did to the package containing it".


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