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Happy New Year: 7 things to wait for in 2014

01 January 2014 at 01:01 CET

Most social Eurovision Song Contest ever

Starting from the slogan which is presented as a hashtag #JoinUs, to the callout for ideas from the fans for the interval act, this is promising to be one of the most social media focused contests so far.

So what can you do now? Submit your ideas till the 31st of January with the hashtag #MyEurovisionIdea!

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Crossing the 2 million online fans line

Speaking of being social media focused, this will be the year when the Eurovision Song Contest will most likely cross the 2 million fans line online in all the official communities!

By today, there are a bit more than 1,9 million fans in total on the official Facebook page, Google+ fan page, VK community, on Twitter, Youtube, MyEurovision, Instagram and Odnoklassniki.

When do you think we’ll make it happen? Have you invited your friends already?

A contest in a shipyard!

For the very first time, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in an old shipyard - the B&W Hallerna in Copenhagen where reconstruction works will turn this into a smashing home for Europe’s favourite TV show. 

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How will the stage look like?

Finding out how the stage will look like, has always been one of the highlights of the contest outside the event weeks. This year will, no doubt, be an exception.

"Right now we are working to place the stage right in the middle of B&W Hallern, where the party will take place, because the stage will then become an island and a centre. It is here the participants will shine and here we will come together", stated Jan Lagermand Lundme, the Show Producer late last year.

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Remember how the stage looked like in 2013, check it out!

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Getting to know who will be the host or hosts in May

Another long awaited moment is getting to know the host or hosts of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Who will it be this year? Will it be one, two, three or a whole choir hosting the event in Copenhagen? We’ll find out in the upcoming months!

Remember the host of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, Petra Mede? What did you think of her?

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Who will take part?

But most likely the earliest top moment you can look forward to is getting to know which broadcasters have decided to take part in Europe’s favourite TV show this year. You can expect the list already this month!

We do already now that we’ll have two broadcasters returning who have skipped a year or two this year. Namely, Poland and Portugal have confirmed their return. Welcome back!

Check out their entries from the last time they took part!

Ruling YouTube

Speaking of videos, the Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube has already had more than 670 million views. With a pace like this, 2014 might be the year we cross the 800 million views line, which is just a tiny bit away from a whole billion! Imagine that!

By now, we've published some 1900 videos in the channel, since 2007. The most watched video is still the preview video of Lena’s Satellite with over 40 million views. See it below!

Same host country & city

For the first time in 13 years, it’ll be the same broadcaster hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in the same country and the same city as DR will host the contest in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Read more about Copenhagen! 

By the way, if you’re into trivia - we are - then last time Denmark got the chance to host the contest, they won in Sweden, just like in 2013. Sweden had also won the contest in the most Eastern country taking part the previous year.