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Happy Holidays!

Posted 22 December 2010 at 15:24

After nearly eight years of strong commitment, we are saying goodbye to our Executive Supervisor, Svante Stockselius. Since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest of 2003 he lead Europe's favourite TV shows through its ups and downs. When the clock strikes twelve on the 1st of January, he will be succeeded by Jon Ola Sand. As the end of the year comes closer, Eurovision.tv will look back at the legacy of Svante Stockselius.
We are also saying goodbye to Kati Varblane, Event Manager and Assistant to the Executive Supervisor. Her Eurovision Song Contest carreer started in 2002, when she was working for Estonian broadcaster ETV. In 2005 and 2006 she was heavily involved with the accreditation process, and she entered her current position in 2007. For the outside world, she has been an invisible force behind the Eurovision Song Contest's top management, while for the insiders, she has been a reliable source for information for the Host Broadcaster, a helpful hand for delegations and a pleasant colleague to work with!
The Eurovision Song Contest is about bringing people together, sharing emotions and simply having a great time. From that perspective, it has a lot in common with Christmas. We would like to take the opportunity to wishing you amazing holidays with your loved ones, and in 2011 we are looking forward to seeing you again here on Eurovision.tv, at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf and at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, wherever it shall take place.
Warmest regards, The Eurovision Song Contest team
The following video is a holiday version of the brand new Eurovision Song Contest vignette, which is available to all participating broadcasters to use as introduction to their national selection events. The full version of the new vignette will be revealed in the days to come! For the contest itself, the EBU will continue to use the traditional EBU vignette.
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