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Greta Salóme "There was no doubt Jónsi was the man for the job!"

10 May 2012 at 00:20 CEST

Jónsi is no stranger to Europe's Favourite TV Show, having represented his country in the 2004 Final with the song Heaven. Jónsi has been busy with a number of projects since then, including recording a solo album, taking part in musical theatre and studying psychology.

Greta explains that she wrote the song a while ago saying "The song was ready in 2010, and the idea was for a single for radio first of all. When I decided it would be a duet, there was no doubt Jónsi was the right man for the job."

Hear in their own words how Greta and Jónsi came to work together, why they chose to perform the song in English, what the Icelandic press and public thought of the song in the video interview below.

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A lot of work also went in to making the stunning official preview video of Never Forget, and both Greta and Jónsi explain how difficult this was to shoot, and the meaning of the direction, and also reveal the location of the video shoot. If you haven't seen the spectacular official preview video yet, you can watch this below.

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Iceland will participate in the First Semi-Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show on Tuesday 22nd May, where Greta Salóme & Jónsi have drawn position number two. would like to sincerely thank Icelandic broadcaster RÚV for their time and effort in making this video interview possible.