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Greek Goddess' desire

17 May 2012 at 12:25 CEST
Eleftheria Eleftheriou qualified for the final in 2012 EBU talked to Eleftheria backstage before going on stage for the second time. "I was satisfied with my first rehearsal. So there will be no special changes in the second one. Maybe some technical but I don’t know." Eleftheria didn’t want to reveal her dress for the First Semi-Final: "It should be a secret but the dress will be beautiful."

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During the second rehearsal, Eleftheria performed vocally very well. The artist and her dancers delivered a strong dancing performance that looked really sexy and fit for Eleftheria’s entry. At the end of the song, Eleftheria’s dancers lifted her up.

The singer, her backing vocalists and dancers wore leisure clothes. The background has changed from the first rehearsal. The main colours on the LEDs were light and dark blue, with golden structures shown on them. A big golden shell appeared on the LEDs making the whole atmosphere aphrodisiac.

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In the press conference, an Australian journalist asked about her plans to visit Australia one day. Eleftheria said that she has already been in Australia and she loves this country very much. If she had a choice to decide where to live, she would have chosen Australia.

Eleftheria was asked if she really wants to win the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest or just be satisfied with a good place. The singer said: "Yes, of course, I want to win. But I also want to enjoy it and have fun. This contest is very important because you do it only one time in your life. And I want to do it very well. I want to keep Greece in top 10."

In the end of the press conference, Eleftheria sang Elena Paparizou’s song My Number One and another Greek song.

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