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Greece: Victor Vernicos joins the Eurovision 2023 lineup

31 January 2023 at 12:00 CET
Greek broadcaster ERT has revealed the artist they’ll be sending to Liverpool in May is 16-year-old Victor Vernicos - Greece’s youngest ever representative.

The Athenian singer/songwriter will perform What They Say when he takes to the Eurovision stage.

The selection came at the culmination of a thorough processes; the combination of an Audience Committee vote with the vote of a 7-member ERT internal expert committee - with a weighting factor of 50.6% of the vote of the Audience Committee, and a 49.4% of the vote of the ERT expert committee to keep in line with the recent changes to Eurovision Song Contest voting. 

Victor Vernicos ERT

Though still a teenager, Victor’s already on course to become an accomplished musician; learning the piano and guitar before the age of 8, and honing his songwriting skills in his Music Technology courses at college.

What They Say will be released in due course.

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