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Greece lights the drums

21 May 2010 at 14:19 CEST

When the stage goes totally dark in the middle of the first Semi-Final it is time for Giorgos Alkaios & Friends to take to the stage. We witnessed the importance of the black and white contrast in their second rehearsal. White spotlights directed straight into the group's white clothing with a black background creates a very powerful visual effect. 

Giorgos himself was quite happy with the outcome of the first rehearsal, so not many things were changed and it looks even more energetic and powerful now. The bridge of the song also contributes to create this atmosphere with the appearance of the Greek lyra in the centre of the catwalk and illuminated drums with blue LEDs.

They didn't reveal their choice of outfits, as these will only arrive on Sunday, so they wore the same clothes as in the first rehearsal. But the colour will remain: Giorgos and his friends will be also dressed in white in the first Semi-Final as they already told at the first press conference.


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"Everything would be worse without the music"

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends are very happy with the outcome of the rehearsal, with only some minor changes in the video shots still to be arranged. They have been doing lots of preparations, with three hours of rehearsals every day, including the early waking up today, but they feel it's not only work, but also fun. They feel full of energy and that's what they want to convey to the viewers of the first Semi-Final, as their main target now is to reach the Final.

After a decade of songs mainly performed in English, this year Opa is fully in Greek, and they feel particularly proud of that, as it is one of the most ethnic songs Greece ever sent to the contest. For that purpose, Eni, the choreographer, mixed the ethnic and dance styles together and was influenced by some moves from Greek ancient history like the tree of life.

It is also the first time that a musician of the Greek lyra is onstage, and for Giorgos the rest of the band are not just dancers but full artists, all of Greek origin but mixed with other cultures like Georgian, American, German and Russian. Giorgos himself is half Portuguese, and as they mentioned "the small secret about our energy is taken from the Greek sounds".

Inevitable questions about the economical crisis arose: "We are artists that believe in music, and now in times of economic crisis we believe that without the music, it would be even worse. This song Opa has the message that the problems will pass and to stick together when things get tough". In the case of a Greek victory in Oslo, they would host the competition: "It will not do any harm to their economic situation, it is an opportunity to gather all Europe".

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