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Greece dances like a maniac

Speaking shortly before her rehearsal, Elefteria admitted, "I'm very excited for this, and I can't wait to get on stage for that first rehearsal. I'm quite nervous because it is the first, and I think that everything will be all right and no technical problems. I hope everything will be ok."

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Eleftheria is accompanied on stage by two female and two male backing dancers, plus one female backing singer, who is standing by the microphone on the right hand side of the stage. All the group were dressed casually today in jeans and T-shirts, but there was no doubt as to which country was being represented on stage,as Eleftheria wore a beaded top with the word Greece embroidered across it.

Watch the video of the first rehearsal

The group performed the typical Greek-style line dancing choreography as part of their routine, against a multi coloured background off various patterns, which was ever changing and included appropriately some crystal type structures. There was an effective use made of the camera that drops down from the ceiling at great speed, before it shoots back up just as quickly.

The song came across very strongly vocally within the hall, and the delegation all seemed very happy with the performance.

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Influence of Aphrodite

At the press conference afterwards, there were some questions related to the choreography, and that it had been kept quite simple. and had similarities to some previous successful Greek entries.

Their choreographer agreed that they had tried to be similar, but also to be a bit different, and that his inspiration had came from the images of Aphrodite, and the various statues of her. To illustrate his point he brought along three small statuettes of the Greek goddess.

Eleftheria was born in Cyprus, so she was asked how she would feel if she had to compete against Cyprus in the Final? Elefetheria replied that she was happy that they were already in the same Semi-Final, and that it would be good to have their support, and of course she would like both countries to qualify for the Grand Final.

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The press conference concluded with a photocall for the assembled press and fans.