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Greece: Argo presents "Utopian Land"

10 March 2016 at 20:21 CET
Argo Beetroot Design/Costas Pappas
Today the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT presented to the Greek  audience, their entry for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The band Argo and their song Utopian Land was officially presented for the first time to the press and audience and ERT then aired the official video for the song. 

The song Utopian Land has been composed and written by the leader of the band,  Vladimiros Sofianidis.

About the song

The song is about a journey and  a path to a destination that dawns. We leave from where it is dusk and we travel to a bright sun!  Argo (a six member band) will perform on the stage of the Globe Arena, their song features lyrics in Greek, English, and, for the first time, in the Pontian dialect, as most members of the group originate from the Black Sea.  It is a composition risen from the Pontic music tradition combined with contemporary hip hop, a modern approach to the difficulties people front, through the eyes of young people who have themselves experienced their own journey.

The song invites people around the world to follow and take part in the dream, which requires effort and perseverance. This is the message, noting the lyric phrase: "join with us, for a utopian land". Their song is about people coming together to find their land of utopia. 

About Argo

Argo consists of a lead singer Vladimiros Sofianidis, singer Christina Lachana, Konstantinos Topouzis is playing the Pontian lyre,  Alexandros Papadopoulos is playing the tabor and vocalist singers Ilias Kesidis and Maria Elbrus.  

Argo is a dynamic combination, as professional music artists with prestigious music studies and impressive resumes join with passionate, self taught performers who draw on powerful, personal experience in order to create powerful music.

The band is mainly inspired by hip hop sounds; at the same time, their music resonates with folklore (Pontian) tunes and traditional instruments such as the lyre, all elements of ancestral legacy for most of the band’s members.

The band are excited  to perform in the Globe Arena in Stockholm because, as they say, they believe in the magnetism and the diversity of their song.

The band Argo has been internally selected by ERT to represent the country in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The decision was announced in February. 

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